Sunday, October 01, 2006

Take a Hike

Today is one of those rare days when it is a joy to walk outside in Chicago. The joke I heard somewhere about Chicago's weather is that there are two seasons, winter and construction. Today would be better categorized as Indian Summer. It is one of those days that make winter and hot and humid more acceptable.

Of course, I wasted most of the day playing with Blogger templates and trying to reload my counters. I got the map counter but not the other one. Sometimes this computer addiction just isn't worth it. At least now I know what HTML looks like. Too bad I cannot figure out where to put the widgets.

Well so as not to be a computer hypocrite, I'm going outside now. I'll take a few pictures to post. This will prove I am not powerless over my internet addiction and that the weather is as nice as I say.

Ta Ta for now.

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