Thursday, January 12, 2012


Shadows on a wall

My son and I were playing with our shadows on a walk we took over vacation. Three to six inches of snow heading my way today. I miss the sun.
Our weather reports are increasingly histrionic. No snowpocalypse comments, after all six inches is quite manageable, but the report I read included such phrases as: "extremely hazardous travel conditions," "very slippery roadway conditions and very poor visibility," and "plummeting temperatures, snow, howling winds and blowing snow." Aack, we're all going to die!

Beware of the Shadow

I've my 35 minute each way commute today under these terrible, very dangerous, frightfully frightful conditions. I'll let you know tomorrow if I survived. Have a nice day. S


urban muser said...

these are awesome shadow shots! thanks so much for stopping by mortal muses today.

Snail said...

I hope the commute goes without a hitch. The transition from hols to work is no fun.