Monday, January 09, 2012

Mangled Money

Mangled Money

I'm rambling from past to present with my posts but bear with me.
We left the Bahamas the day after Christmas which was a holiday. We had time on our hands between the ferry from Great Guana Island to the airport in Marsh Harbor and nothing local seemed to be open. Our taxi driver suggested we go to this little cafe just outside of Marsh Harbor International Airport--one of the smallest airports you'll ever see that claims (truthfully) that it is international. It was one room with customs, immigration, baggage and ticketing all mixed up in and outside the building. On boarding a sign notified passengers that conch shells had to be checked in luggage not carried on the plane. I had to ask. It occurred to me that if they weren't well cleaned they might stink up the cabin but it turns out they might be used as a weapon. Who would've thunk it?

Penalty Imprisonment X Months $XXX Fine
Sign in airport declares: "Penalty Imprisonment: X Months $XXX Fine."

At any rate our cabbie told us that her mother worked there and that we should mess with her by calling her by her first name when we walked in. We did so and she gave us a funny look, then said: "You met my mom." I think this gives one a feel for how small town the Bahamian islands feel.
Anyway we had breakfast/lunch at the cafe which was plastered with ornamented cash from prior diners. I found cash from multiple locations in South America as well as the expected US and Bahamian dollars. What fun. The food was "interesting." I ordered (for the experience) grits and tuna hoping for fresh fish. What I got was grits and a ball of tuna salad. I wouldn't especially recommend it. I should have ordered the fried plantains.

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