Monday, January 16, 2012

Derivative Art or Homage a Irving Penn

I admit it, I'm bored. I hate going out this time of year and am at the tail end of a long weekend. Don't take me wrong--I like being off work but these winter days are so dreary! I don't feel all that sociable either.
So, I've been looking for a few photography memes to play with and found Photoblog Challenges. This month one of the challenges is to imitate another photographer's work and since I've found myself interested in still life photography of late, I surfed the internet looking for photos to mimic.
Given the winter shortage of fresh flowers and green leaves and my desire to imitate on a budget, the number of choices wasn't all that large. I did discover a new photographer (new to me that is) by the name of Irving Penn. They do say that imitation is the best form of flattery so here is my version of one of his still life photos.

Homage a Irving Penn

For his original, you will need to go to this site or do your own internet search.


Snail said...

It's a reinterpretation I wonder if it'd be possible to recreate the diving suit photo with stuff lying around the house. (Assuming no one actually has a diving suit lying around their house.)

Bella said...

Dear Sarala,

Actually I don't know much about photography, but here by reading your blog I start getting interested in photography.. Nice picture.. But could you please share some basic in photography, esp in outdoor like scenery.. ?

Thank you...

Bev Sykes said...

YOU PLAY FIVE CROWNS???!!! My cousins and my mother and I get together two days a month (an overnight) and play it constantly. I love that game.

Alexa said...

I love doing this, and Irving Penn is a great choice.

Teo said...

I love it! A wonderful new direction in your photography!