Sunday, January 08, 2012

Out and About

Golden Angel
January 2008

I'm trying to get back to touring Chicago looking for the perfect(?) shot. Too often I get the feeling of "been there, done that" which I think is beside the point with photography. To continue the theme of past and present, here are three pictures of a nearby Chicago small church. The church added an awning since the first photo. I am puzzled by the words on the awning under the church's name. It says: "The church where Jesus is bigger than that?" I'm at a loss.

Golden Angel
October 2008

Golden Angel
January 2012

Note the first and last photos were both taken in January. Where's the snow this month? 36 degrees this morning and we've had weather in the 50's this week. Everyone is talking about global warming. We're also all going for walks.


phonelady said...

Yep we are all warm too . No snow .

Carol said...

Thought I would pop over and say hi :-). I have to say that I'm loving the old and new photos!

What is your theme for the Sketchbook Project? It is lovely 'to meet' someone else that is taking part!

C x

Blu said...

First shot is a cracker, but I love the van in the third!!!...Best wishes for 2012

Snail said...

I am really enjoying your photos.

As for the slogan, I can't parse it at all. I even had to look up what M. B. meant, so I'll be no help at all!