Friday, November 07, 2008

Insane Asylums and Other Good Neighbors

Men's Department

So here's a rant. Some days I'm just sick of the incivility of people to one another. A few years ago I had a run in with a man who left his car blocking my garage. When I asked him to leave, he refused, defended his lack of consideration, and when we had words called me something unbelievably nasty. In all my years as a mental health professional, working with people who were psychotic, intoxicated, violent, criminal, or agitated, no one has ever called me anything that nasty before or since. That particular day I lost my temper and did some things I regret. I won't go into the details but I regard that day as one of my worst days ever.

The Psychology of Insanity

So today some idiot is blocking entrance to the alley where I park is again blocked. Same issues--we live 1/2 block from an elementary school and folks who come to pick up their kids seem to have no consideration for the neighbors or other drivers. Today's idiot literally had blocked the entire alley. I waited patiently for him to move to no avail. The drivers behind me started honking. I honk at him and he still doesn't move. I pulled forward and he rolled his window down. I said that if he didn't move so I could enter the alley I would call the police. He finally moves and I have to maneuver backward against the honking traffic to get into the alley since I had pulled forward to talk to the jerk.
At this point I discover that I can enter the alley but this idiot and the ten other cars that are still in the alley make it nearly impossible to enter my garage anyway. I also start to get cold feet about entering my garage in front of these people. After what happened last time, I'm afraid of retaliation if these people know where I live.
I circled the block two times before dropping my son off to walk himself home while I look for parking. I also call the police and ask them to clear the alley. They are the University police not the city police. I hate to call 911 for a parking problem and our non-emergency police line (311) leaves you on hold for hours. By then the alley will be clear anyway.
When I get home I call the school in question and ask to speak to the principal or an administrator. The secretary says they are busy, after all school is just letting out. I explain my problem and the woman is sympathetic but says there is nothing they can do. She says they have issued memos about the alleys and not blocking roads or double parking and the parents just ignore them. She suggests I call the police. Sigh. I explain that I have had some nasty experiences with their parents before and she says she can relate. People in their office have been accused of being "white haters, black haters and Toms," she tells me.
The police came by and cleared the alley. The people will be back on Monday ready to spread more ill will.
Some days I just hate people!


deb said...

that is so terrible, wow! sorry you had to go through that...
but on a lighter note thanks for posting your postcard!!

Kathe said...

Welcome to my world. Except I hate people MOST days, not SOME days.

self taught artist said...

I would have been cautious too about entering the garage, what idiots. people feel invincible in their vehicles but you know if they then went home and experienced the same thing they would be INCREDULOUS.
isn't it a wonder we haven't all just blown the world up by now?

A Free Man said...

It's a plague - bad manners. I just don't get it, either. Where I grew up in the South, you called older men "sir" and older women "ma'am". Now, that's probably a bit extreme, but a please and thank you - that wouldn't be out of line.