Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Boy Who Walks into Walls

or, Johnny Potter and the Order of Idiocy

Yesterday older son got the see the inside of the ER. Things were relatively quiet there so he only had to wait 6 hours to be taken care of.
The story goes he was goofing off in the hall at school and he ran into a display case. Apparently no blood was lost but he has a non-lightning-shaped scar on the middle of his forehead. Nowadays wounds are closed with glue. Neat!

Last night was Dad's turn to sit in emergency rooms. Mom was working late so she managed to break from work to run to the emergency room. There she sat and teased older son for a bit until she had to run home to pick up the car to pick up younger son. She dropped him off at home and went back to work where she proceeded to save the world, leap tall buildings in a single bound and otherwise cure cancer and mental illness. And she didn't utter even one unforgivable curse.

I blurred his face in the photo to preserve his privacy. Silly I know but I did it anyway.


self taught artist said...

good grief, thats enough for the week dontcha think?
glad he is alright
glad you didn't have to do all the emergency room sitting :)
we need you to save the world!

A Free Man said...

Boys are just walking accidents. Glad yours is OK!

Kathe said...

*shaking my head and chuckling*