Sunday, October 14, 2007

See It Sunday--Construction


View large for more detail.
OK so this is destruction but not construction but it will be construction some day. I'm fascinated by watching this building go down. It is a slow process--no wrecking ball or dynamite. It is like watching layers of a building peeled away one by one. It has a voyeuristic element, like watching one of those reality TV shows. Oh look, I can see the bathroom there. And so forth. I see this building rather frequently so there may be more posts as it comes down.


self taught artist said...

sound of dog panting....
i want scrap :)
cool picture

sarala said...

I've been eyeing the building but haven't had the nerve to ask for scrap. I thought about climbing the fence on the weekend but didn't want to risk arrest. I have no guts.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Interesting. Being in the construction industry, I find this very interesting.

Great shot sarala!

Rayne said...

My husband is a weatherman, or rather he was a weatherman, and he would bring home photos of houses and apartments that had been hit by tornadoes or had been through earth quakes and while I felt badly for the people whose homes had been destroyed it was always fascinating to me to see the inside of their houses this way. It was like having a fold-away book where you could lift up the flaps and see inside the houses. A peek into another person's life.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


That's so fascinating... kind of like a car wreck!

Good shot.

Scarlett & V.