Sunday, September 09, 2007



One thing I noticed on my recent road trip was that the amount of cautionary signs intended to save us from ourselves has increased. Signs that say things such as: large wild animals are dangerous, geysers are hot, it is not good to fall off a cliff, don't step here, don't light off firecrackers in dry brush and so on. I know these signs are intended for the public good and that certain idiots (you know who you are) need to be told these things but the overall effect is at times similar to to my response to the warnings that my cup of coffee may be hot, i.e. "Duh!"


Kathe said...


Larry said...

It's also to protect someone from being sued too-another sad commentary on our society-

imajica said...

It's mind-boggling, isn't it? The milk in our supermarket has a label stating 'Caution: This product contains milk'. It's a sad indictment
of society when the bureaucratic few run roughshod over the many. Sorry, I've rambled! Nicely observed shot :)