Friday, September 14, 2007


Dash looks out

Sometimes I can be a little judgmental. I watch people I don't know and criticize them in my head. So two nights ago, I am in synagogue and I see an older woman pull out a compact during prayers. I sit in judgment that she would be so vain as to check her makeup during a moment that ought to be spiritual. Then she moves to polish the reflective surface and I realize she's checking for messages on her cell phone. At least impiety has caught up with the times!


Theresa said...

Love the cat eyes for "catty" I agree with you whole heartly-my husband always tells me I am over
critical- I call it good manners and common sence! Loved your post.

SlyGly said...

I'm impressed with your photos--my dog would never turn out so clearly (even if she would sit still)!