Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Gripe and a Wish


I'll start with the gripe. Last Friday my purse was stolen. Out of a synagogue no less! So much for thinking it might be safe there. Who knows what opportunistic creep decided to stroll through a largely vacant building? They got quite a load of good stuff. What I can remember being in the purse included: driver's license, 2 credit cards (work and personal), two debit cards (same), a copy of my medical license, a smallish amount of cash, some hard candy, my cool little pocket sized, waterproof, Olympus camera (only 6 months old), a check book and who knows what else? They also scored some medication from a prescription that I had just filled. Can't get that refilled for a month. At least I have insurance! Oh they took that card too.
I had less in the purse than I sometimes carry (being a pack rat) because I had cleaned it out a bit prior to traveling. But now I have to piece together a new set of papers and cancel out all the old ones. I sure hope no one uses my stuff to steal my identity. But what can you do? It is painful to go the better part of a week without credit or debit cards. I know I'll get new ones in the mail shortly but in the meantime I have to ask my husband for cash (makes me relate better to my 15 year old). I'm not used to asking for money and it irks me. No impulse buying for me this week either.
I did get a new purse out of the deal. I actually like the one I found. It felt strange to go shopping with my one piece of ID in a cloth bag and a bunch of cash. Maybe I should have gotten my hair dyed blonde to complete the new identity.
Today I went and replaced my driver's license. Normally I don't sing the praises of government offices (don't get me going on my last trip to the passport office!) but this was a delightful experience. 15 minutes and $5 later I had an exact replica of the old license. It sure isn't our parent's DMV! I also got a new library card today but that's another story.
The purse will hopefully remind me not to get too attached to things. All in all, I'll recover just fine. Maybe a little more cynical, but there you have it.
On a happier note, today is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Whatever your faith and background, may you have a good and sweet New Year. For those who are not in the know, one tradition this holiday is to dip apples in honey. You should try it!

L'Shanah Tovah Tikateyvu--may you be inscribed for a good new year.

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Larry said...

Sorry about your wallet.-I've been lucky enough to have mine returned to me twice.-Have a safe and Happy Holiday!