Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Photohunt--Art

Wrapped sculpture

So I got a little behind on the photo memes. And didn't post for a bit over a week. But I'm back and playing catch up. It was easy to find a photo to fit today's meme as the local art fair moved in this morning. I caught them setting up which was fun to photograph. This is my favorite shot of an unknown sculpture waiting to be unwrapped from its protective covering. It looks appealing as is, doesn't it?


Kathe said...'s a statue of me! They have to keep it covered up, or else anyone who even glanced at it would freeze instantly from fright. *insert emphatic nod to make is seem much more convincing*


Teena said...

I thought that was the art! Ha!

Mine's up ... c'mon on by :)

Montserrat said...

That is quite interesting. Do have an after shot?

Pepper said...

Like a lady dressed in her finery.

sarala said...

Actually I don't have an "after" shot. I'm not sure if the artists want their art photographed.

Snail said...

Looks like she's dancing the flamenco! What a great photo find.