Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Roof sitting

South shore house
Not my house, just a house.

I saw a photo of some kids playing music on the roof of their house today and I was reminded of a story.
Once upon a time. . . no really, this is just a childhood memory. Back when I was about Jr. High School age, we moved temporarily into a large house near a golf course. We rented the house while our new house was being built. I guess we lived there for a couple of months. There were two exciting things about my bedroom. One was a small telescope I found on the window ledge of my bedroom. I imagined that the former occupant was a pervert and spied on the neighbors but never could figure out how to use the telescope so my career as a peeping Thomasina was short-lived.
The other exciting thing was that I could access the roof of the house from my window. The roof was easy to climb onto and I could roam at will without feeling fearful of falling. I would go out at night and just look at the stars or whatever kids do on rooftops at night. I wasn't getting into any trouble and had a kid's-eye view of the risk, i.e. that there was none; I'd never fall off a roof.
My adventures came to an abrupt end when my mother heard foosteps above her one night. Mom was a Nervous Nellie about things that go bump in the night (as well as bugs, elevators, dogs and miscellaneous other things). It did not go over well when she found me on the roof! To say the least. Metaphorically, I was grounded.
I have thought about going onto the roof of my current house (when the kids aren't looking of course). I thought it might give me a better angle for taking photos of the little birds that prefer the tops of the trees around me. I wonder what the neighbors would think if they saw me, my camera and tripod up there? That I too was a pervert? We'll have to see.


Kathe said...

Gee I wonder which photo inspired this post. *whistles and hums nothin' in particular...sweet innocent grin*

I say go for it. I'd challenge you to a race to see who could get to their roof first, but you'd win for sure. Not only would I need to find a really tall ladder, but I'd also have to figure out how to stay on top of a fairly steep roof!

Debo Blue said...

You may have better neighbours than I am. If I saw one of my neighbours on their roof pointing a camera in my direction I'm getting the water hose, or calling the cops! Hehehe

Self Taught Artist said...

I'm so glad you are back from the blog reprieve.
I like this story and I love thinking of you out there on your roof taking pictures!