Friday, June 08, 2007

In the news and abuse and misuse

We accept food stamps

I just thought it was interesting that this photo was used in an internet news story. Didn't make me rich (it was free) or famous (not very many hits) but I was happy to contribute in a small way. The fellow asked permission which I was happy to give.

On a less happy note, I discovered an excerpt of one of my blog posts was stolen and posted on a commercial site. Another blogger I know was similarly used. I contacted Technorati (how I found this out) and two other people who were similarly taken advantage of but if any of you readers have any ideas on how to get them shut down I'd appreciate it. I'm a sufficiently naive internet user as to not be able to figure out who is hosting this web site. I won't post the site here because I don't want to do them any favors (or get retaliation). I asked them to remove my material but I don't expect any miracles.
If you'd like the site address let me know in comments and I'll e-mail it to you.


Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That's horrible!
sorry to hear that it happened, unfortunately, I don't know how to fix it.
Does Technorati do anything?

Good luck with it.


Diane said...

Thanks for the heads up about Yvette using our words, but I can't locate where she used them, can you point me to the posts?

Debo Blue said...

Sorry to hear about the loser too uncreative or inspired to use her own work.

Don't know how to help either.

Literary Feline said...

Oh! That is terrible. Other than contacting the person who owns the site and asking him or her to remove your unwilling contribution, I am not sure what you could do. :-(

I imagine it's not an uncommon crime, unfortunately, with how open to the public many of our blogs are. It's a shame people take advantage of others that way. It's very frustrating.

tarakuanyin said...

I'm sorry you had to experience that. I'd like the site address, please. tarakuanyin at gmail dot com.

Snail said...

That's really low. :(

jkirlin said...

Show me show me show me!