Thursday, May 10, 2007

No posting

I've been a bit busy. I did get to a park yesterday with my camera. They have recreated a little bit of prairie which is quite convincing except for the periodic trains and car traffic. I saw Red-winged blackbirds, an as yet unidentified woodpecker, a flicker as well as the usual urban geese, sea gulls, robins and so forth. The prairie wildflowers were spectacular too.

Peeking out of hole
Woodpecker peeking out of its hole.

Shooting Star
Shooting star flower


sognatrice said...

My slooooow dial-up took forever to download the woodpecker photo, but it was sooooo worth it :)

Debo Blue said...

How observant to notice the woodpecker. Only when I went back up the screen did I realize the woodpecker peeking out.

Lovely picture of the flower.

Pepper said...

You cannot see the woodpecker unless you study the photograph. Isn't nature amazing?

Wonderful pictures.

Liza's Eyeview said...

beautiful photos.


meeyauw said...

I didn't know they LIVED in there! I thought they just ate from it and then went home to a normal robin-type nest. I'm still way too urban.