Saturday, May 19, 2007


No time to post. Younger son had a dance recital which managed to eat up the whole day. He did great. Wish I could post the pictures. If I have any that are all backs, maybe I will.
Here is my entry for Macroday: "Games". Hope you like it. The mahjong tiles and dice are vintage, some bought in Perugia Italy and some in San Diego, California. The Scrabble tile I just found a day or two ago in an antique store. Got the entire set with wooden tiles (did you know that if you buy Scrabble now the tiles are plastic?) for $3. Probably missing some letters but who cares? I used to play Scrabble a lot at home when I was a kid. I have yet to try it with my kids.


Till tomorrow.


Self Taught Artist said...

those little mahjong tiles are gorgeous. how fun you collect little things like that.
I too love scrabble and its just not the same with plastic pieces, wonder if your kids would like that game that is like scrabble but you can build up on top of the letters and change the words?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I love scrabble! Pretty good at it... actually hadn't lost a game since I was 11 yrs old until two months ago. Long run.
Once I played scrabble with a little girl in my family when she was about 11 and she hadn't played before... we were about 5 or 6 words into the game when the look of serious concentration on her face gave way to shock and then complete annoyance and she gasped, "You're trying to trick me! This isn't a game, it's vocabulary!!!"
We didn't finish that game.


Kathe said...

I used to play Scrabble all by myself since my siblings didn't like playing it. Still have the set, but some of the pieces probably got lost in the moving process(es).

Missed your Sunday Scribbling for this week. I hope it was because you were giving your hands a rest.

Snail said...

An artist friend of mine started buying Scrabble and Monopoly boards to use as covers for notebooks. But now she collects them ... and she still has to find something suitable for book covers.