Friday, April 27, 2007

Good Planet

I just stumbled across a post regarding the latest version of the Blog Carnival Good Planet. This week's theme is "water." The current hostess is Vicki of A Mark on My Wall.
All that is required to participate is to send photos relating to the theme. Of course submissions are due today, in fact it is possibly even now past the deadline but I sent in two photos of water in the desert.
Last August my family and I spent a couple of wonderful days in Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. Both are among the most beautiful places on a most beautiful planet. Zion is blessed with a river that keeps its valley green. Here are a few photos taken from a hike we took up the Narrow Canyon Trail.

Hiking the Narrow Canyon Trail
The canyon wall.

Continuing up the canyon requires wading in cold water.
Narrow Canyon

Fortunately my father didn't know how to focus my camera. The kids and I went swimming. The 90 degree weather made it tolerable, barely. Trust me, the Virgin River is frigid. Pun intended.
Proof I went swimming too


jkirlin said...

Are those his knees at the bottom of the frame?

Unknown said...

You sure are imaginative. No, those are rocks. I guess I should crop?

Kathe said...

Don't respond to his comments, S. It only encourages him. ;^)

Debo Blue said...

Oh the places you've gone. Thanks for sharing them w/us.

Sunflower said...

Nice theme and photos!

I will Exercise for Comments!