Saturday, April 07, 2007

By Jove I think I've got it!

Lizalee from Egret's nest is my inspiration for this post. She posted about a convention of ravens which reminded me of my recent photos of house sparrows. I'm not overly fond of house sparrows. They are kind of cute but they are so common as to be boring. I recently learned that they are an introduced species. They also tend to eat all my bird food so that I don't get to see the more interesting species. I'm such a bird-snob.

So here is my story.

One of the little sparrows seemed to be having some kind of trouble.

Uh oh.

The gapers arrive.

Gapers #1-1

Are they curious, trying to help, or enjoying the show? I think I'm anthropomorphizing too much because I don't understand the behavior at all.


It's bad enough to be having problems without the whole neighborhood coming over to stare.

Gaper's delay.

He took off after this so we will never know the end of this story but it doesn't bode well for our little friend.

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Kathe said...

FYI...the third photo down isn't showing. And here is the poem. :^)