Monday, January 31, 2011

When in Doubt. . . .

Wintry Weather

Write about Chicago weather. It is always varied, always interesting. Well, maybe not so much if you don't live here.
I haven't found much going on in my head worth writing. I can't quite tell you why that might be so; it just is. We had a warming spell here (meaning slightly above freezing) and much of our accumulated snow melted but it has been gray and gloomy. It felt even too dark for a photo outing. But this morning I awoke to the dulcet tones of my clock radio saying something about "blizzard." I honestly thought at first I was hearing the weather on the East Coast. But no, weather is arriving here tomorrow. I haven't shoveled snow in at least a week and I was definitely getting out of shape.

Reports the Weather

I was reviewing my photos of Spain and found that what I assumed was a clock was instead a weather gauge. I see on it "Muy seco" but whatever the Spanish word for blizzard is, it isn't up there. Anyone up for a trip to Madrid?

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JL said...

Yes. Yes I am. Get me out of here. How's your snow situation?

I feel particularly for the people who got stranded on LSD and had their cars suffer the legendarily awful and peculiar Chicago Public Works fate of 'relocation'.

Shovel carefully. Take your time.