Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Stork Struck

Storks on a Church

I never finished telling stories about my trip to Spain so if you don't mind me boring you with tales about how I spent my summer vacation. . . . One of my favorite "finds" in Spain was that it is inhabited by storks.

Bedtime or Dinner Time for Storks

I went a little stork crazy in fact. My husband sort of introduced me to birding in the first place and in fact I'm not much of a birder being too sluggish to awaken to view birds at dawn. Nonetheless he finally had to put limits on my request to stop and take more pictures of storks and their nests. I got quite a few anyway and here are a few of the best.

Church Bells and Stork Nests

Storks are doing well in Spain, apparently profiting from ready access to food in dumps. I found census data which showed a low of 7005 pairs in 1974 to 33217 in 2004. I guess garbage is good for something! Incidentally, these are white storks, Ciconia ciconia.

Four Storks and a Crane
I feel compelled to share my bad pun title for this photo--Four Storks and a Crane.

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Ann said...

These are terrific. I share your love of storks. My husband would have been yelling at me, too!

Teo said...

They're wonderful!! I can't believe I haven't noticed them in my (few) trips to Spain. You have such a good eye for photography!