Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How I Spent My Spring Break

In the Institute

I have lived in Chicago for 27 years now and have only visited the Art Institute a handful of times. What a waste. When I was younger I was too busy; later I had kids who had no interest in spending a few hours in a museum. Now, guess what, I still have a kid who has no interest in spending a few hours looking at art.

Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles
Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles (a useful god in my opinion)

He kindly allowed me to take him to the museum recently and then complained and spent an hour playing Game-Boy in the cafeteria. So I managed to race through the exhibits but it was still a pleasant way to spend a vacation afternoon.
I'm sharing a few pictures so you can see what my son missed.

O'Keefe at the Institute

I could see decorating a room in these O'Keefe colors. I wish I could have avoided the lens distortion in the picture. It looks as if these paintings weren't framed right!


Heather said...

I'm in Chicago several times a year. (My in-laws live there.) Two things I have never been able to do (because of child-sized obstacles and adult size lack of interest) are the Art Museum and the Architecture Tour. I feel your pain and appreciate even the small glimpse you have shared.

paula said...

wow i've never seen that one on the right with the teeth/jaw.
whats up with all the orange? hmmm
glad you got out :)

sarala said...

Orange? Not pumpkin or Halloween orange but something more muted. I've always like earthtones, says she dressed today all in khaki.