Friday, April 09, 2010

Fish Tales or "Eat Me"

Eat Me

Translates roughly as: You caught it, eh. Well, you'll be eating it alone."
I love the fifties graphic on this and since I missed the Poisson d'avril date (April fools in France), I thought I'd share this card I bought in Paris last summer.
The card is dated, Nemours July 1, 1958. The inscription says (my rough translation):
Dear B- Fet B-S- (not sure if these are nicknames or not)
Two words to tell you that we arrived safely, and the weather is beautiful. We have asked Pampin for a room. And voila, there will be a room from Saturday July 12 to the end of the month. You have only to let Pampin know as soon as possible the date of your arrival and for how long.

The handwriting is charming and I imagine Mr. or Ms. Germaine welcoming friends to visit him/her near their summer home in Nemours.

Mille Baisers,

For Postcard Friday.


Shaunna said...

I have to agree with her - He can have the fish, and I'll have the glass of whatever she's having. There's a fancy bottle, so it'll have to be good ;) Happy PFF and thanks for visiting! :)

Southwest Arkie said...

I like the fifties graphics also, and the look on his face. :-)

Postcardy said...

Great card. It looks very 1950s, but I haven't seen that kind of design on 1950s U.S. postcards.

Irene said...

Great card, oh too be slim enough to wear those skinny pants. Happy Pff

Linda said...

That's an Eames chair, no? Or something like that. Love the devil-may-care chic of the lady.

Postcards Crossing said...

Great card!

Bob of Holland said...

Nice card. I also like the Kidney-Shaped Table and the Eames chair, and I also like the housewife.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

No, she doesn't look the type to accompany him on his fishing expeditions. Bon chic, bon genre. :)