Saturday, April 03, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


This little fellow was in my backyard this morning. For those who aren't in the know I live a few miles from downtown Chicago. We are not rural or even suburban. City life it is.
Although it kind of hissed at me, it was so cooperative with my picture taking that I fear it was ill. I've never seen an opossum before outside a zoo setting. It allowed me to get within two feet of it. There was a fence between us or I'd have feared getting bitten. No need for rabies now, is there?

Backyard visitor


Stephen Chapman... said...

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JL said...

North America's only marsupial!

A Free Man said...

I didn't realize that opossums ventured that far north. I've always thought of them as a Southern animal. At least we used to have them all over the place all the time!