Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Raven Photo Op

Arizona seemed full of ravens. It was great to watch them fly over the canyons and strut around in front of the cameras. They were especially visible in the Petrified Forest National Park where I am sure they were fed by tourists (although as in any park this is not allowed). I can see why the Native Americans were so fascinated with them and included them in so many of their legends. They are smart, beautiful and personable birds. They can be annoying too. On a separate trip we took to the North Cascades, we were warned by the rangers to guard our windshield wipers as the local ravens had taken to stealing them! Amusing unless it happens to you. Fortunately we escaped with our wipers intact.

Painted Desert and Raven


Ellen said...

What great pictures! I encountered my first ravens this summer. I thought I'd be somehow awed by their majesty, because of the Native legends and all I had encountered before were crows. I was pleasantly surprised by how comical and clownish they are. Their curiousity and intelligence are so fascinating to watch.

JL said...

The sign shows a telltale mark of having been stickered with an outline of Wisconsin, which was then removed.