Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Aged Barn

On Sunday, I had a child free afternoon so I got in my car and pointed myself in a southern direction. My goal was to take some more photos of Gary, Indiana which I'll only do when I have a long day and cold weather.

Frozen Cornfields

Initially, I wound up heading due south and found myself in rural Indiana, south and west of my initial goal. It was a pleasant drive reminding me that there are still parts of the country where people raise horses, cows and poultry and still own plows and harvesters.

Eventually I consulted a map, turned north and east and found Gary. Suburban and rural housing developments receded and dereliction and dismay appeared. I am hesitant to judge a town I only know as a photographic tourist but downtown Gary is painful to visit. It is a ravaged old lady with good bones. I remember thinking that I wouldn't want to be the mayor of Gary. I hope he or she is a more hopeful type than I.

Burnt Out

In a way, Gary suits my wintry mood far better than cornfields waiting to be replanted. Winter and the stress of bad news makes me feel vacant and trashed like one of these poor houses, once someone's cherished and valued home.

Death Be Not Proud


paula said...

these pictures remind me of detroit....and the corn fields make me think of my home town and i'm SO GLAD I'M NOT THERE!!! pretty pictures but god i hated living there.
glad to see you getting out and shooting pictures...its good for you and us!

A Free Man said...

A city in decay, I love the look of it but hate what it means.

Dave Yaros said...

There is a ton of info/pics on Gary, IN at the Dave's Den web site. The link to the site is -
Dave's Den

sarala said...

Thanks for the link, Dave.