Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to Gary--post number 1002

Gary row houses

Not much more than a year ago today, I took my first and only other set of photos of Gary, Indiana. I said most of what I could say on this post last year. This year I traveled over many of the same streets and revisited my favorite row of cast concrete row houses (built around 1910, architect D.F. Creighton, according to my sources). After a bit of searching on-line, (I do so love the internet), I learned that the initial concept for these houses came from Thomas Edison (one of my childhood heroes) and that these homes were built as low cost worker housing. According to a posted application for the National Historic Register, the Monroe Terrace Historic District these homes were built for the workers of the U.S. Sheet and Tin Plate Company and are "an outstanding example of early twentieth century company-supplied worker housing that utilized experimental methods and materials of house construction." (See above link). I wonder if the application was approved. I saw no signs of improvement to the houses since I visited them last year.
Well, this was more than I had planned on posting. I wanted to mention as well that I have posted over 1000 posts! I never dreamed this blog would last this long when I started it. I am amazed at how much I've learned and at the friends I've made this way. It has been worth it.
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Dave Yaros said...

The row houses in question were made of then, unique, concrete construction. They were built/sold by the Gary Land Co. Not just any steel worker was able to buy one. The purchasers were usually management personnel. Many houses were in fact rented to hourly employees.

For more on the history of Gary; past, present and future, one may want to peruse the offerings at Dave's Den. It contains a wealth of info and pics on the "Steel City."

andrea said...

1000 posts! Way to go. I'm still about 150 away. I have a real abiding interest in historical architecture of the more functional, even squalid, variety. I even have plans to go on a photo shoot day soon for oil painting reference material. (BTW this is a great photo.)

Karen said...

Congrats on the number of posts!!I have certainly enjoyed them!