Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shrimp Truck


I'd say this has to be one of those life is good moments. On the last day of my Hawaii trip I rented a car and circled the island of Oahu. I stopped along the day for a late lunch at one of several "shrimp trucks". These seemed to be some variation on the theme of a van converted into a small kitchen preparing fresh shrimp on site. I ordered garlic and butter shrimp and received 8 or so large shrimp with a side of noodle salad (not to my taste) and rice.

Truck menu and Graffiti

There was a light rain at the time but I ate at a picnic bench under an umbrella along with a few other families. For entertainment, we all got to watch a feral cat and her kitten beg for food and a local chicken with a dozen or so chicks wanted to share in the feast too.

Shrimp Shack Cat

Licking her chops after a shrimp tail

The mother cat got all of my shrimp tails while her baby nursed. The chickens partook of some rice grains which I figured were healthy enough.

Shrimp Shack Chicks

No fair! I made myself hungry just thinking of the shrimp. Too bad it is several thousand miles to the nearest shrimp truck.


A Free Man said...

Mmmmm. I loved the seafood in Hawaii. And the feral chickens.

Dragonfly Lady said...

mmm... food.

Happy Thanksgiving and WW