Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hanging Potato Tree

Hanging Potato Tree

OK, it isn't really a hanging potato. But it sure looks like one. Anyone know what it actually is called? Posted below are some pictures of the flowers.
Actually after much ado I am adding to this post with the identification of the tree in question. I must have spent nearly an hour on Google searching images of trees from Hawaii.
Courtesy of the University of Hawaii website, I have discovered the following:
The tree is Kigelia africana, or the sausage tree. It comes from west Africa. Somehow it doesn't surprise me the tree is introduced. The island of Oahu seems to have trouble taking care of its native species. Most of the birds I saw were also introduced but that is for another post.
I am so relieved that mystery is solved.

Hanging Flowers

Red Flower and Green Grass

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self taught artist said...

thats a great name..kind of gross kind of fascinating. and that flower is funny...such an angry odd ferocious thing.

Jud said...

Very interesting photos. Seems like Hawaii is an amazing place.

Jade Blackwater said...

I kinda like "hanging potato tree"... that seems like as good a name as any. :)

I'm loving your Hawaii photos!

Snail said...

The Flecker Botanical Gardens at Cairns in Far North Queensland has a wonderful specimen of the sausage tree. The gardeners cut off the fruit so they don't fall and injure people. I guess they could do a bit of damage!

Jasmine said...

Interesting tree. Native species planting is tantamount these days. Easter Island is a classic example of what can happen when new species are introduced.

ramblingwoods said...

I came via the Tree Festival..I also love the name of the 'hanging potato tree'....I do love solving a good mystery...Michelle

hosurproperty said...

This tree was found in Chennai, south india in Adyar area. I have collected the seeds and trying to grow one.

Lena Noelle said...

Oh my goodness!! Me and my sister and my cousins saw this exact same type of tree near my sister's dormitory (in southern California) and we actually called the weird little fruit trees "hanging potato trees" as well! Wee called it the exact same name. What a coincidence. I searched up hanging potato tre and found this, so thanks for finding the real name for us :)

sarala said...

Lena Noelle, thanks for coming by.