Friday, November 06, 2009


Amazing Bags

I'm taking a break from processing my Hawaii photos to share a project I just completed. It is a lot of fun to do and takes maybe two hours to complete. Plus you get rid of waste plastic bags. What could be better.
Basically you cut up plastic bags--the kind that we shouldn't be using anyway--layer them, and iron them into a heavier material. It takes round 4 bags per layer. The resulting material feels a bit like Tyvek (the stuff used for mailing envelopes) and sews well. I've seen a couple of patterns to turn them into tote bags.
I made the first one a few months ago and it really works, so I made a second of slightly different dimensions. It was fun picking out the bags that would make for an interesting end product.

Bag Lady

I read somewhere that maybe the fumes of the fusing plastic bags are bad for you. I don't know although they don't smell much and I figure that in the grand scheme of the toxins we are exposed to (after all I've stripped paint) it can't be all that bad.
I'm listing one craft book that gives instructions for this bag but I think things can be found on the internet as well. If you try it, have fun.


self taught artist said...

wow you finally did it! i'm so jealous...i keep thinking i should do that with potato chip bags..i want to make curtains.
i love'd sell them faster on etsy than i could blink. very cool. hope i can find the instructions and an iron!
tod is going to love this

A Free Man said...

Really good idea and a good way to do something with those plastic bags. I wouldn't worry much about the fumes, as you note we're exposed to much worse on the walk to work every day.