Sunday, October 11, 2009



My brain seems to be empty of words and the photographer in me seems to be asleep as well. Autumn tends to be a low energy period for me. The shorter days and chilly air make me want to hibernate along with my little box turtle. If only I could dig into a muddy hole and sleep until March!
Nothing is all that bad. Work is good. The family is fine although I miss my older son. He came by today to get some rest as he has a cold and was a bit disheartened. I think we managed to get him on his feet again.
I just don't have much energy. I go to bed early, curl up in bed with some light reading and wake up late. I keep up with my structured time but my free time seems vacant. The good news is I am taking a second term of the black and white photography class so I hope to have some interesting prints to share in a bit. I'm also taking a modern dance class which means I have a number of sore muscles in interesting places. Finally, tomorrow I start rehearsals for my annual Nutcracker performance. This will be my third year. My younger son plays the Mouse King this year. It is a great part--very funny and full of action. He will be wonderful in the part, I'm sure.
That's all my news. Nothing all that creative or exciting to report. I'll come out of it in a month or two and have something good to write. I'm not giving up blogging. Never fear. Not at all. No how.


Jud said...

Hopefully your muse will speak to you again soon. I have enjoyed your takes and pictures of the Nutcracker in the past.

Glad to hear that all else is well.

self taught artist said...

its good to rest and do less....yes? sometimes? okay maybe not for 6 months. its delicious to have crisp nights and cozy with books and blankets and tea. sounds like you will be busy soon enough and hopefully all that dancing and moving will push you out of hibernation mode.
i like your new collage, its pretty strong, see even when you dont feel creative you are.

Kathe said...

You took the words right out of my...head.