Friday, October 30, 2009

I should be learning about autism. . . .

A Sail at Sunset

But I decided to download and post a few photos. I hope this doesn't bring me bad karma. I've been running around like crazy here in Hawaii. Meetings from 6-3 and then a bit of wandering around Honolulu, dinner and collapse into bed. With the 5 hour time change I don't know whether I am coming or going half the time. My legs and back hurt from walking miles in bad shoes and carrying my conference materials, purse and cameras over my shoulders. It is hard to wear sensible shoes in 86 degree weather. But the Crocs are hard on my feet over time. My hotel is around a mile from the conference center. It makes for a lot of walking but it saved me a small fortune!
I can't wait until Sunday. My plan is to get out of the city then and see a bit of Oahu. Waikiki, although warm and sunny, isn't great for photography.
Here are a few of my limited number of photos:

Catching a Wave

Water play


self taught artist said...

well, i'm glad you decided to post photos instead, these are great and cheer me up.

Jud said...

Great pics. One of our fellow bloggers lives there, Aquarius, check her out at, or if miskeyed, it, she is linked on my blog.


Aquarius said...

Sounds like you may be winding down your trip on Oahu. Hope you had a great time today, although, yikes, it's been so hot and humid. If you need any info or help while you're here, email me: