Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Aunt Skron and Dandelion the Turtle

I mentioned in an earlier post that a family member is very ill with cancer. Another family member is gathering together photos of his friends and family showing him a "high five." I posed for this shot holding my turtle to add a little humor to the scene--as if I wasn't funny enough in my men's Hawaiian shirt! Dandelion didn't appreciate being drafted for the photo--she was clawing at my hand in the shot and her claws are sharp. But, as they say, no turtle was injured in the making of this photograph.
We might be getting a second box turtle. My son's school initially had bought two turtles for the classroom. One went to us and another to a classmate. Now they feel they aren't caring well enough for their boxie and have requested we take her on. What's one more turtle between friends?
I found a quote I liked in Real Simple Magazine today:
"I feel most myself between the having done and having to do again." Jonathan Safran Foer
I think this puts very well that feeling of stepping of the treadmill of work and family while knowing that in a few hours you step back on. Speaking of, I need to get ready for work.
Have a great Wednesday.


Jud said...

Well, you look comfy in the shirt, and remarkably chipper to be in the middle of a turtle attack.

Rubens B├╝rgel said...

I am just looking your blog... So nice.
Happy postcrossing!

Rubens Burgel

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a great idea and what a lovely photo!

JL said...

You look very nice and festive. The color of your house is pretty; it suits you. I think Iv'e mentioned this before, but a friend of mine also has a box turtle named... uh... 'Aristurtle'.

sarala said...

Thanks all. I'm trying to post more. So far not much luck.