Monday, May 18, 2009

Rocks that Roll

Round Rock

Three rocks in a row

A couple of pictures of some Lake Michigan pebbles. Nothing fancy just shades of gray, beige and brown but so smooth and lustrous with a light polish that I want to stick half a dozen in my pocket to run my fingers over, like a stress ball only better.
Strange? Maybe but you should try it.
Incidentally rocks are hard to take good photos of. I'll keep trying.


Kathe said...

You and Hayley really do need to get together and spend a day at the beach. You'd both return carrying heavier loads. ;^)

Rayne said...

Are they really that shiny in the wild?
That is so cool!
I would have wandered away with so many rocks in my pockets I probably wouldn't have been able to move.
Try putting your camera on portrait setting or something similar and see if you can arrange it so the light is coming in from the side rather than from above. This works for me. Sometimes. Weird how something so still can be so difficult to capture, isn't it?

A Free Man said...

Lovely. My kid and I spent an hour throwing similar rocks back into a creek by our house. An hour. It's amazing how long the attention of a 20 month old can be occupied by the simplest things. The good thing about that - it slows me down as well. Good stuff.