Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring PC

I'm always a bit hesitant to post about things I've made. It is a fundamental shyness, I guess. I fear that I will be judged as childish, untalented, foolish or vain. I've been playing around with mail art for a bit. It is fun to create my own postcards or envelopes and stick them in the mail to some semi-random stranger.
Since I cannot draw, I fool around mostly with collage, cutting and pasting interesting papers and colors until it feels done. My favorites are the ones where I add funky magazine words and phrases at random until I like the result. The one above, I did for a swap with the theme Spring. The colors are louder and, I think, more feminine, than I am prone to use but suited the topic. I am playing around with colors I don't normally like such as pink and orange in combinations that clash. I used bits of paint chip samples for most of the flowers here.
So I made myself post this as an exercise for me to get over this irrational fear of being judged. Besides it is how I'm spending some of my free time nowadays and I have to post something!
I have a cold today and am cranky. What this has to do with this post I don't know but I don't feel particularly spring-like right now. It is a gray and gloomy day as well. Sigh.


Kim Hambric said...

I would love to get a group of people together & call them "artists that cannot draw." Even my stick figures are bad.

I can relate to fear over being judged. Every time I click the publish button, I swear I hear someone in blogland snickering somewhere. But I do what I have to do. The more I do it the more confident I get.

I like the happy spring collage. By the way, I think everything can use a little bit (or a lot) of orange.

Jud said...

I am no expert on art, but I find it aesthetically pleasing.

Bravo to you for the courage to put your art, and yourself, out here.

The more I view the piece, the more I like it.

self taught artist said...

you know, its always easier to tell someone else something than it is yourself. so when i read this i think its crazy ridiculous to care or think people are judging. to be judged for what you create is as insane as judging someone for the color of their eyes.
i wish you could get over being embarrassed or shy...i wouldn't tell you i like what you do just to kiss ass.
this is a fun, and really unexpected piece. i too dont like those colors to use in art, but you made something that looks simple (and i know this stuff isn't)in a good way. its very free and makes me feel happy. i judge you only for thinking that i or anyone else would judge you.
feel better :)

A Free Man said...

I love it, Sarala! The bright colors, it is fantastic. I'd love something like that for my little boy's room - I think bright colors and cheerful designs are great for kids rooms.