Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lovin Hands

Lovin Hands

I'd have to say that the most popular businesses in the poorer neighborhoods are:
Currency Exchanges
Day Care Centers
Fast Food
Convenience Stores
I'll leave it to you to decide what that means for our society.


Jud said...

Liquor stores didn't make the list, or is liquor available at the Quick Stop? Here they are by law two separate entities.

I think the situation is similar except that you still see a lot of churches, even in the poorer neighborhoods.

LN said...

There are, in the City of Chicago, neighborhood phone directories. My friend who lives in the Austin neighborhood showed me theirs. There are no 'businesses' to speak of, but page after page lists storefront churches. He also can't get food delivered.

The only thing he can get is general Asian food, delivered by a guy who pulls up under a streetlight without exiting his car. He calls the customer number on his celphone and cracks his car window while holding a weapon. After the money is slipped through the window he hands over the food and stomps on the gas without waiting. For any other food you have to travel to Oak Park.

Have you read OFF THE BOOKS, by Ventakesh? It explains, in simple terms, EVERYTHING about how the economy in poor urban places works.