Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barn shaped houses

901 N Keeler

A row of little barn-shaped houses, all different.
Seen on the west side of Chicago. I searched on the net but can't find what the architectural style is called. Not a bungalow, not a worker's cottage, help!!!
Built in 1914.

Houses on Keeler

925 N Keeler


Jud said...

"Dutch Colonial Revival

Based on the style of housed built by the Dutch settlers on New Amsterdam (New York) in the 1600s, the Dutch Colonial was popular between 1900 and World War II. A common characteristic is the gambrel roof (i.e., a curving roof with a shape similar to a barn roof)"

sarala said...

Thanks Jud! I read up on the style and now feel enlightened. I hate not knowing something and not knowing how to look it up.

Jud said...

Please feel free to use me as aresearch lackey/assistant as needed.

stan said...

It must be spacious in there.

Dymphna said...

Thanks for IDing this house, Jud. I've recently purchased a house like this, built in 1916, in Portage Park. Where can I find more info on the original layout, building materials, and decoration used? If it was a Craftsman Bungalow I'd have no problem figuring out what the inside is 'supposed' to look like.