Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Army Corps of Engineers

Saturday the area was deluged with water setting a new local record. The rain seemed to start on Thursday and didn't stop until Sunday. Soccer was canceled and we didn't get out much all weekend.
The good news is my house didn't take any water. The bad news--my husband's car was in a flood area and likely was totaled. There was "marital discord" over his car purchase, to say the least, so I wasn't too perturbed by his "loss." It is covered by insurance anyway.
My condolences go out to those who truly suffered from the most recent floods in the Midwest and elsewhere.



lisaschaos said...

Great shots, just a sad situation. Glad your house stayed dry and sorry about the hubs' car. Oops. Maybe he should have left it in a different place? ;)

Rayne said...

I am so glad your house didn't flood.
Sorry about hub's car, though. Maybe he'll listen to you next time and buy a proper car? yeah...right...like men ever listen.