Friday, September 05, 2008

Heads up on Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Face Sculpture and Camera Crew

The origin of the swirly photo I posted a few days ago. It is from a series of three head shaped sculptures placed in the middle of Park Avenue in Manhattan. They are by the artist Jun Kaneko. For better pictures, go to this website.

Head on Park Avenue


Rayne said...

These are very cool!

self taught artist said...

thanks for posting this stuff, glad to see a bigger full picture of that cool zebra pattern.
great pictures all around from your trip!

Sara said...

I love street exhibitions! They come and go, they become a "natural" part of the city and are so accessible.

Hrm *thinking* or maybe this is something permanent?

lisaschaos said...

3 heads? Well that's better than one. :) I really like the second one!