Wednesday, September 03, 2008

C. Wilkens Building

C Wilkens Bldg

I like buildings with the builder/owner's name on them.


Jeanette said...

what a lovely old building!

Kathe said...

Lots of those kinds of buildings here. But do you come to Marquette? go to NYC instead. That's okay, though. The fewer people who fall in love with the U.P., means fewer actually staying. ;^)
Too bad we don't have the jobs to keep the people who DO live up here from moving away.

Rayne said...

I love these buildings, too. I also like how some of the buildings here in the mid-west still have remnants of the huge ads they used to paint on the sides of them.

CK-II said...

That's a lovely building. Happy WW! :)