Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Life in Kitchenette

Or, proof that I actually eat things besides beer, Milky Way bars and Fritos (my first dinner tonight). Honest, Mom, complete protein.

The kitchenette isn't so bad. The hotel stinks. I am currently listening to my neighbor's soundtrack:

"She was a day tripper, one way ticket yeah
It took me so long to find out, and I found out"

Not a bad song but not through a wall at 10:20 PM.

Plus in the morning I get to smell the neighbor's cigarette smoke. It's a no-smoking hotel. Sigh.

Plus the first morning I was here I had a 5:45 AM wake up call--that I didn't request.

Plus they lost my reservation in the first place.

Plus I've had to have my room key replaced--five times.

Plus the front desk is staffed with people who still need their parents to sign their work permits.

Plus the water in my room runs hot and hot.

I booked through Orbitz. All the convenient hotels were full. This will definitely be the first time I write a hotel review on Orbitz. And it won't be a good one. Revenge will be so sweet.

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Kathe said...

*just shaking my head and chuckling*