Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pahk the Cah

Well, we haven't rented a car and we haven't been to Harvard Yard yet but we did have very tasty Vietnamese food in Harvard Square. My son and I are doing the college tour thing. Today we spent walking our feet off around Boston and tomorrow we see our first two (of four) colleges. Wish me luck!
An update: it has taken me two days to post this short missive. A lousy internet connection is to blame. Whatsmore, I accidentally deleted all of my first round of photos. No shots of historic downtown Boston, sigh.
Due to the said lousy connection, I can't take a chance on trying to post any of my later Boston shots.
Back to Chicago tomorrow so more on Hahvahd Yahd then.


Chris in Happy Valley said...

Good luck to both of you in the college hunt!

JL said...

Me (To visiting chemical engineers from Boston at the bar):

"Youse guys are from Bahstin, ay? Yeah, that's a wickit shahp cah out theah in da pahking laht".

Chemical engineers at the bar:

"Oh, the gahy tinks he's fahnny!"

Jud said...

Please drink a Black & Tan for me at the Black Rose in Faneuil Hall.