Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black and White

Black Fly/ White Flower
We generally consider flies to be ugly pests. But here, on this flower, the fly is putting his best feet forward. Beauty and the beast?

My writing workshop is going well. We've all sort of bonded over the ritual of analyzing each other's work. My stuff is up for review today. I'm a bit calmer knowing that people are kind and constructive.

Speaking of anxiety, I got a frightening phone call from the nurse from my younger son's camp. He seems to have developed the same lousy illness I had last week. He is all right but it scared him. After all, doesn't "pooping blood" scare everyone? Poor guy. The doctor in me came to the fore and I decided that there was no point in panicking since I seem to have survived. The little guy is eating, his color is good (per the nurse) and all other major organ systems seem to be functioning. I think this too shall pass (pun intended) and there is no need to race up to Wisconsin and pick him up as long as all else remains stable.
The mom in me did freak out a bit but I have her under control. She was also proud of her little bugger--he handled himself quite well, a little subdued but no tears, no pleas for me to come and get him. Alas they grow up!

Back to work now. And breakfast!


Kathe said...

Poor li'l guy! What a trooper though. Can't wait to hear how your review goes!

JL said...

Yow! that would scare the hell out of me, too, having my kid 'pooping blood'.

Sounds like he's okay, though. Best wishes.