Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thirteen Fun Things I've Done Already This Summer

Fireworks in Evanston

1. Gone camping.
2. Taken lots of photographs.
3. Gone to see fireworks (twice)
4. Gone to three movies.
5. Walked around a part of Chicago I didn't know very well.
6. Gotten together with friends.
7. Enrolled in an art class (more about this later).
8. Read several books.
9. Slept late.
10. Played a board game with my kids, husband and a friend.
11. Worked in my garden.
12. Started planning our August vacation.
13. Taken big kid and his friends to Taste of Chicago.

I'm trying really hard to be a fun and adventurous mom this summer. I have hopes for a theater outing, more movies (Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is coming out soon!), reading the newest Harry Potter with the kids or listening to it on tape (the latter is highly recommended), going to the Dunes (Indiana or Michigan on Lake Michigan) and of course the all-important family vacation in August.
Have a great Thursday and weekend!


Jeremy said...

If you like camping try Geocaching, it is a blast, and cheap....

Debo Blue said...

You put me to shame.

Other than the Vegas trip all I've done is sweat and work.

Anonymous said...

A very impressive list.

Loved #5. Some of the best parts of the city are yet undiscovered. I must admit, however, to not envying #13 -- well, I guess, for having survived it.

Congrats on a great list and I wish you many more items to add to it in the months ahead.