Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Jumping on another bandwagon

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The site tells me I used the word "dead" two times, now three. I gather this isn't good for the kiddies. Although judging from the nasty language the kids in the next room are using, I'd have to expand my vocabulary to offend them.
Which reminds me of a story. . . .
When older son was 10 he used the expression "sucks" one too many times in my hearing. Now, I find this especially irritating because modern kids use variants of the word as an adjective, verb, and adverb far too often for my taste. I have no major objection to using a four letter word when you stub your toe hard but let's not make it the most common word in one's vocabulary.
At any rate, son said the S word and I decided to teach him a lesson. I asked him, did he know what it meant, literally. He said no and I told him. His face went a bit white and he became very quiet for a bit. He also stopped using the S word. I'm not sure if I overdid it but it sure beats washing his mouth out with soap (which I won't do) or grounding him (which would have resulted in his inner conviction that I truly S----ed.


Amishlaw said...

Hmmm, now I'm wondering what you told him it meant. (It's what you do with a straw to get the milkshake out of the cup, right?)

sarala said...

Right amishlaw. If you believe that there is a great bridge I'm putting up for sale.