Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tagged again

I've been tagged--by a Snail (actually by the author of A Snail's Eye View) and also by Ren.Kat of Sidestepping Real. It took me a while to get around to responding.

Eight Random Things About Me.

1. I don't wear make-up. Basically I never learned how. It may be a side effect of growing up hyper-aware of feminism or I may just be too lazy to take time on my appearance in the morning.
2. People tell me I look younger than my actual age.
3. As a kid, I learned to program in APL (A Programming Language), Basic and Fortran. I still haven't learned HTML.
4. I once went snow-blind. I'll save that story for a later post.
5. Both my children were delivered by nurse-midwives.
6. I can curse fluently in French which came in handy when living in Paris.
7. I make a mean guacamole.
8. I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up. I didn't consider medical school until I was in college. So I did both.

I have trouble knowing how to impose on people by tagging them. I have a sense that some of my fellow bloggers (you know who you are) don't like being tagged. So if I manage to name eight people, you can ignore me if you don't want to play along or if you have already been tagged for this one.
Here goes:
1. Bleeding Espresso--I have a weakness for expat blogs. What is the opposite of expat anyway--inpat? Sounds like a toe nail disease.
2. Cheaper than Therapy--because she is so funny.
3. The Egret's Nest--lovely bird shots and otherwise.
4. Meeyauw--photos,cats and more.
5. Serotonin Rain--because Serotonin is my favorite neurotransmitter. Sorry Dopamine and Norepinephrine, but I'm playing favorites here.
6. The Thing of the Moment--good photos and humor too.
7. Time with Shelby--because I can relate.
8. Educating Petunia--because we like many of the same books.


sognatrice said...

Just wanted to let you know that my 8 facts are up! Your last one here, actually inspired my entire list :)

Oh, and I can't wait for that snow blind story....

meeyauw said...

Ok it has been what? 5 weeks? I am so sorry! But tomorrow I am doing this! FOR REAL! And I've been following your vacation and admiring your work. It looks like a great time there (memorable too).

Thank you for the invite. I have to check out your other nominees!

meeyauw said...

I did it! I just waited until the time was right and it was. Thank you again!