Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stacks within Stacks

Stacks within Stack Photo Sunday's theme is Beach. This shot was taken while backpacking in Washington State last summer. Sea stacks are remnants of harder rock left behind after erosion and wear by the ocean. They make for wonderful photos especially around sunset. Last summer I finally got the family to backpack. My husband has done so in the past but neither of my two sons. We were joined by one of my son's friends and my brother. We all had a good time but only one of my sons got the bug to do it again. Since he just moved to Seattle he will have ample opportunity. I'm jealous. Backpacking from Chicago is not quite so geographically easy. Even though this particular hike was incredibly easy--the only complication was needing to carry all our water the first day--barely 4 miles a day and flat, my 51 year old joints protested mightily. If I ever dream of doing any "serious" hiking, and I do, I will need to get into much better shape. It isn't that I can't "walk the walk"--it is that I need to build up some serious muscle around the major load bearing joints, especially my knees which are feeling their age. Time to get in training.


Betty Luckhurst said...

That's an awesome shot with the little 'frame' for the stacks in the background. Very creative! Your shores remind me of those here in New Zealand.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely sea stack!

Glad you managed to get all the family together to hike!