Friday, September 20, 2013


Bank it Here Posting photos on Flickr can be dangerous for the closet hoarder because it lends to collections (and sets and galleries). Since the collections are virtual they are less hazardous to the housekeeper which is a good thing in my case. My obsessions with photos of clocks (mostly attached to buildings) began with my noticing all the photogenic clock towers there are around the world. It turns out that clocks frequently get placed on banks, funeral parlors (a morbid preoccupation with the rapid passage of time?), official buildings, churches, barber shops, diners and other various and sundry small businesses. My Flickr set of clocks has 113 photos at present (with a few duplicates) representing clocks in Chicago, France, Spain, California, Wisconsin, New York City, Edinburgh, Portugal and St. Croix. I may have missed a spot or two as well. I aim to keep on collecting and my family have learned to tolerate my demanding a stop here and there to photograph an entirely unprepossessing building merely for the sake of growing my "collection." What can I say? It's a hobby. Tipsy Ben Unity

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