Thursday, March 01, 2012

Chicago Bean

Wedding party at the Bean

I refer to the outdoor sculpture fondly known as the Bean but actually entitled Cloud Gate. I have my issues with large art installations as many times I find them gimmicky but this sculpture has won me over in part because it is so much fun to play with photography-wise.

Looking Up

Of course, the tourists love it and maybe I'm just a local tourist at heart. Yesterday was one of those odd Chicago days when the skies cleared and the temperatures reached the 60's. It was intoxicating after a dreary winter. I think everyone in the city wanted to call in sick. I had a few hours in the morning to ramble around downtown before going, inevitably, to work.

Lens Distortion?


paula said...

wow. WOW. that 2nd picture is fantastic! they are all interesting but i'm most impressed by 2.

paula said...

i'm so impressed by photo 2...they are all interesting but that one wows me!

Blu said...

Amazing pictures! Have a great weekend!

bridgette said...

I love the Bean too! Taking photos there is so much fun.

Hotel in Ahmedabad said...

OOOOO WOW amazing pictures