Sunday, February 05, 2012


Lightbulb Moment

Or, you're never to old to do something new.
Today I changed some light bulbs. I know it doesn't sound like anything to brag about but these were on my car. Sad to say, I've been driving around for months with only one working headlamp on my car. This has annoyed my spouse to no end but not enough for him to get the bulb changed. Last night I was set to win the procrastinator of the year award when the second bulb gave up the ghost. Today being Sunday, of course no one was going to be able to service the car so I took the reins and Googled how to change a car light bulb. Next a search for an open auto supply store with the bulbs in stock and off I went hoping I wouldn't mistakenly buy the wrong product. Then for some time under the hood doing little praying that I wouldn't break something in my car. There were a few missteps--a dropped bulb, fingerprints on said bulb necessitating solvent to clean off the grease (as per instructions), some scrapes and grease on my hands--but things seemed to finally go through for the first bulb. But then the light still didn't work. Assuming I'd misconnected something, I looked more closely at the second light and changed that carefully. Still nothing. Finally, I figured out my mistake--I'd changed the high beams which were working, not the low beams. Feeling very glad no one was watching, I got back to work and replaced the other two light bulbs! Now my car has 4 working lights and I am, despite glitches, very proud of myself. And my family and I can drive to tonight's Super Bowl party safely.
In honor of "in the picture"--this month's theme "write on!" I commemorated the moment on my somewhat battered and greasy hands.

In The Picture


paula said...

back in the day it was easy, now it aint own mechanic struggled and it wasnt til i bought yet another 'wrong' bulb that the auto zone told me to get that the woman working there noticed you could unscrew a thing from the bulb so it would then fit into my car, were it not for her...i'd still have no headlight! so good for you!!!

sarala said...

I couldn't have done it without the internet!

urban muser said...

i love this shot! great incorporation of words.

Teo said...

Wow, good for you! I love that self-determination that makes us be effective and do things ourselves instead of waiting for them to happen. Bravo my dear!! Love the picture of your hands :)

urban muser said...

just popping back over to say thanks for linking up at {in the picture}! see you soon :)