Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Not bad for a country home. It makes me understand the French Revolution all the more. The interior is as fantastic as the exterior. Full of tourists but rightly so. I have to leave the gushing at that. The internet connection is too slow for multiple uploads and I should certainly be doing something other than blogging at the moment.
I'm currently in Le Mans, headed to Paris tomorrow. I'll try to post more from there. Paris should be great but I'll miss the smaller cities and towns and the drives through the countryside.
A bientot!


phonelady said...

You lucky girl you . we miss you come home soon I miss your letters .

Jud said...

But doesn't it also make one wonder why there weren't as many revolts in other parts of Europe, or the Middle East, or Asia, where similar economic disparities existed?

Snail said...

What a gorgeous place. (I wanted to make a joke about a Le Mans start, but luckily I couldn't quite work one out.)